Stratagem is a Technology Services Company Focused on cloud on-prime systems integration and transformation services; we are making an attempt to provide an assortion of services that can be leveraged in your cloud or technology transformation journey. We have an army of experienced engineers and consultants that have been provided the tools that they require to be successful in their duties. The company is the product of a multiyear investment provided by a major fund house that also makes use of its services.

At Stratagem we are solving real business challenges across industries to help businesses choose the right solutions from the many.We are also investing in keeping technology, real for our customers by protecting their old investments and integrating with the new. Starting a new relationship with the businesses that still rely on human intelligence for process and services needs . Scaling new heights in innovation and transforming how application support was not traditionally.No need to wait, Request for a quote 


Executive Leadership

An engineering graduate with 15 years; leadership experience in IT .
Works with a passion to deliver emerging technologies to customers.

Naneeta Samtani

On Hold CEO

A serial investor with successful tech calls .
Pushes the leadership to achieve quality with agility and compliance.

Bilal Khan

Executive Director

An industry expert and consultant on Cyber-Terrorism, Cyber-Security & Ethical VA & PT.
Helps us balance security in the cloud and customer needs on the ground.

Hamza Miano

On Hold for now Executive Advisor (Gratis)